Special Multi-adjustable Pattern Fit sofa cover

sofa cover

How many times has your sofa cover or plaid moved and wrinkled making it look messy and awful?

Belmarti has come up with the perfect solution for this problem: Pattern Fit.

Pattern Fit is a new Belmarti registered brand. It’s a multi-adjustable pattern that fits perfectly in place with the sofa. A product result of the non-stop R&D&I activity carried out by our company in order to offer our customers the latest innovations in the home textile field.


With our Pattern Fit sofa cover you will be able to place the cover easily on your sofa. We recommend you watch our videos on our  YouTube channel explaining how to place properly the sofa cover without any difficulty.

Once you have placed the sofa cover properly, you will see how well it adapts to your sofa thanks to its Pattern Fit system. As if it was its second skin. There will be no wrinkles to be found!

Other sofa cover options

If you’d rather go for a more conventional sofa cover, at Belmarti we offer the possibility of choosing between stretch and bi-stretch covers. With a sofa cover you have the advantage of having a spring or summer style by just changing the cover.  For example, a sofa cover with a brighter colour or season stamps can be a perfect choice for a spring decoration next to flowers in your living room. Creative, vintage or rustic decorations; sofa covers can be the ideal accessory for your style.

And remember, at Belmarti you have the option of a Pattern Fit cover which guarantees a perfect fit and adjustment to your sofa.

Get the most out of your sofa with Bemarti and share your experience with us on social networks and tag us with # FeelBelmarti.

See you soon!


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