Have you heard about our Bi-stretch Belmarti sofa covers?

sofa covers

As you already know, at Belmarti we manufacture sofa covers and we offer both options: stretch or bi-stretch covers.

In today’s post we will be talking about bi-stretch sofa covers.

Belmarti bi-stretch sofa covers offer the maximum adaptability possible thanks to the first-rate materials for sofa covers we use. If your sofa has arms or round shapes, there’s no doubt that these are the covers for you.

The bi-stretch covers include sponge for extra adjustment and elastic bands to fit the cover invisibly. The material used for these covers is bi-stretch Jacquard fabric.

These fabrics allow us to stretch properly the cover in all directions, making it easier to fit the cover regardless of the sofa we have.

We offer a wide range of bi-stretch sofa covers with modern and trendy designs which will make you feel impatient for changing your home decoration.

Have a look at our  web and contact us trough our website or social networks if you have any suggestions or doubts.

See you soon!

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