Belmarti S.L

With over 30 years of experience in the field, BELMARTI S.L is a family business leader in sofa covers and home textiles manufacturing in Spain.Belmarti believes in innovation and supports the fresh ideas of its family’s second generation, aiming to update the brand and adapt to new times and opportunities. But always in line with the traditional values that have positioned us as leaders in the field.


Newest bi-stretch, stretch and non-stretch covers for multiple types of sofas, couches, chaise-lounges and armchairs.


At Belmarti, we work non-stop on developing R&D&I in order to offer our customers the latest innovations in the home textiles field, focusing on the sofa cover domain. Developing new fabrics, bringing out patterns to achieve more adjustable covers, researching on new applications and social networks; All for our clients with a view to allow them to take advantage of it in their everyday. Our App and our innovative manufacturing system, PatternFit, are proof of it.

100% Spanish product	100% Spanish product
100% Spanish product

More than 6000 square meters of modern facilities make it possible for us to produce authentic Spanish sofa covers and other products. WE CARRY OUT THE ENTIRE MANUFACTURING PROCESS: pattern design, cutting, sewing, quality control and finally, the display.

We have a large-scale selection of materials and stocks, and also a large production capacity adjusting to our customers’ requests.

This allows us to offer 100% Made in Spain products guaranteeing trust and quality.

National and International National and International
National and International

At Belmarti, we satisfy 100% of the Spanish market which has always been our base and is very important for us.

But nowadays, Belmarti has reached a wider and more international market and is exporting products to over more than 20 countries worldwide.

Our presence in Heintextil Frankfurt (biggest trade fair in home textiles), allows visitors from all around the world to get to know our products, expanding our brand to new markets in views of supplying worldwide.


A sofa cover has never offered so many possibilities.

Revolutionary Revolutionary

A sofá cover with triple +. Easier, more useful and much more adaptable. The second upholstery of your sofas.

A new concept. A new concept.
A new concept.

For Modern or Classic sofá styles, with the PatternFit system, the same cover is available for a wide range of different sofas.

Suit your taste Suit your taste
Suit your taste

And this new system is not limited to only one type of fabric, choose the color and design that you like the most between a large-scale of stretch and bi-stretch fabrics from Belmarti


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View easily without trouble all the novelties we have in our catalogue. Take our catalogue with you wherever you go.

How to videos How to videos
How to videos

Exclusive media content for you to fit your Belmarti sofa cover in an easy way.

Virtual reality Virtual reality
Virtual reality

Using our Belmarti App you can get a look at how your sofa looks like with our covers before actually buying one. Download our APP, print the target you can find in our website and try out all the different Belmarti sofa covers we have in our catalogue.



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